Je Suis Hannity

After jumping into the political writing arena a few years ago – a brutal place to spar, for sure -- I have decided to write my June GregsList in support of radio and television broadcaster, Sean Hannity.

I am lifting up an enthusiastic GregsList salute to a man who deserves the respect of all who cherish personal freedom in the United States, and those who are freedom-lovers around the world. And yes, I also invite his droves of detractors to, at minimum, respect him – because even begrudging respect is a classy thing to do, and is permitted in a free society!

And that is what this GregsList is all about -- Freedom. Sean Hannity holds Ronald Reagan as a hero and a Great American, as do I. Even his harshest critics understood Reagan loved his country, and loved his fellow Americans. And that, my friends, is what Sean Hannity is all about.

In no particular order, here are the ten reasons I support Sean Hannity more than ever, and why you should too!

Liberal Misbehavior Guarantees a Trump Re-election in 2020 a landslide!

You think Democrats are pissed now? Wait until their hated nemesis, President Trump, is re-elected in a landslide in 2020. The horror! (And if they are doubly pissed then, just wait until the Republican party retains the White House for another four years in 2024, but that's another GregsList!).

Trump re-elected in 2020? That might be too much for an already shell-shocked electorate to take in right now. Indeed, the crazy political pizza is still spinning high in the air -- thanks to a giant toss from now President Donald Trump.

The older I get, the more I discover the days are long, and the years are short. Time will indeed fly through the next four years. And the shrieking hysteria from the left will not stop in flight. I'm getting my earplugs ready, and am considering springing for two bucks for the movie.


The 10 Reasons I Decided to Vote for Donald Trump

I have been writing for forty years, but last summer I decided to comment on politics. For these past decades, sports and business subject matter filled my writing appetite, but the historical (and quite insane) election cycle that began brewing last year in the U.S. was just too delicious to ignore.

Being a U.S. born dual-citizen now in my late 50s, I lived the first half of my life under Canadian socialism, and the second under American capitalism. Unlike most of my American friends, I have personally experienced living under martial law, universal health care, language police, and have paid the gouging taxes and consumer prices so familiar to socialist nations.

But unlike most of my Canadian friends, I have personally experienced decades of actually living, working, and raising a family in the United States. I have been blessed to experience life on both sides of a border -- and both sides of a culture.

Ok, Ok! ...5 More Reasons Donald Trump Will Still Be President

In July of last year, I wrote my first GregsList, The Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be President. This was before the John McCain flap, the Mexican immigrant fiasco, the Megyn Kelly squabble, or the ban on Muslim immigration blow-up. Last week it was the Pope, and most certainly, there are many Trump flaps in the wings between now and election time.

Rest assured, Mr. Trump will not stay quiet, or abide by politically correct protocol. So goes the consistency of a Trump marketing campaign. He has an incredible knack of creating news stories -- daily headlines, regardless of controversy or audacity -- in order to stay in the news. And it is driving his critics and competitors crazy.


The Secret Seven-Step Plan...That Guarantees a Republican White House in 2016

Many who declare themselves to be Out-Of-The-Box people completely freak if they get within inches of the edge, never mind crawling anywhere outside. In July 2014, I began analyzing the 2016 U.S. election, most notably the rule-breaking candidacy of Donald Trump.

Since the 1970s – and personally living under governments with such opposing political ideologies as Canada and the United States, and born a British Subject to-boot! – I have heard so many voters wishing their country would be run more like a business. You know, rather than the yawning, traditional bureaucracy, rabid partisan politics, screaming nepotism, and above-the-law cronyism.

However, the minute an out-of-the-box candidate emerges, everything hits the fan!

The Top 10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Cannot Be President

My first GregsList, The Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be President, created quite a stir within my reader base. It was fun dialogue. This second GregsList is one I've looked forward to writing. Months ago I believed Hillary Clinton was in much bigger trouble as a candidate than "experts" were admitting, or knowing. The Anointed nature of her candidacy by the Democratic party has surprised even me. From the moment of her announcement, it became clear that all Democratic eggs for the 2016 election were being stuffed in one basket -- the Clinton basket. This to me was very risky, as there would be few candidates around her who could deflect or absorb the onslaught of criticism that is automatically visited upon any presidential candidate, from any side of the aisle. The phrase "you have your heir, but you need a spare" never meant so much as it does in this election. The most challenging aspect of this GregsList, was limiting the list to only ten items!

I believe Hillary Clinton is that poor of a candidate. 

The Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be President

I have been writing for over forty years, but have never written a political piece. Business writing and hockey dad stuff are for the most part non-controversial genres. This year is different. My heart feels compelled – deeply and passionately compelled – to shout out the alarming concern I have for my country, and the direction the government has been taking us for the past few decades. This is an election cycle where I personally believe the apple cart of politics-as-usual will be upset to a level never conceived by the political correctness crowd, or the staunch proponents of today's status quo. I believe the apple cart rolling out the presidential election of 2016 will not only be upset – it will be tossed high in the air like a spinning political pizza.

Thanks to a candidate named Donald Trump.