Bernie Sanders

The Top 10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Cannot Be President

My first GregsList, The Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be President, created quite a stir within my reader base. It was fun dialogue. This second GregsList is one I've looked forward to writing. Months ago I believed Hillary Clinton was in much bigger trouble as a candidate than "experts" were admitting, or knowing. The Anointed nature of her candidacy by the Democratic party has surprised even me. From the moment of her announcement, it became clear that all Democratic eggs for the 2016 election were being stuffed in one basket -- the Clinton basket. This to me was very risky, as there would be few candidates around her who could deflect or absorb the onslaught of criticism that is automatically visited upon any presidential candidate, from any side of the aisle. The phrase "you have your heir, but you need a spare" never meant so much as it does in this election. The most challenging aspect of this GregsList, was limiting the list to only ten items!

I believe Hillary Clinton is that poor of a candidate.