Deepest Thanks From Greg

November 15, 2018

To the hundreds of loving people who wished me well after my emergency hospitalization last week -- THANK YOU!!!    ...(the crowd goes wild!).

I have 1,200 Facebook Friends, and I swear I heard from all of em since I was released from PeaceHealth Hospital in Longview WA last week. How very cool.

It might sound weird (nothing new for me, of course) but I heard from so many people, from so many countries, and heard from friends and relatives I have not been in touch with for years. Some I'd never met. Even people that don't like my politics! It was wonderful.

November 9 at 12:07 PM


November 9 at 12:07 PM ·

Wow. First Facebook post in three days. Nice to be at a keyboard again.

I rarely talk about personal health issues on Facebook, but I will make an exception here. Last night I was released from the hospital in Longview, WA after arriving there by ambulance the day before. It's a long story (emotional and spiritual) of which I will be writing my next eMagazine article.

Not a soul knew about my two days in the ER and Cardiac Care units of PeaceHealth, not even my family -- thanks to my amazing wife, my confidante Soul Mate, Deborah Meakin. Thanks, Honey.

I asked (and kinda demanded) to be released the first day, but that doctor guy wouldn't let me until he was 100% sure I hadn't experienced a heart attack. Those rascally doctors!!!!!

Trump Deniers

Today, to be labelled a Climate Change Denier, or a Birth Certificate Denier, is really bad. It's right up there with other disses like Nazi, Racist, Hater of Puppies, and the rest. This coming from the self-anointed liberals who believe they make the rules about what we should all say, and collectively think. The only thing I see in common with those labelling anyone Deniers, is they are activist progressives.    

So, to upset the apple cart once again, I'm officially labelling a new Denier –

Ted Cruz Corners Megyn Kelly...and Greg's Political Button Game is born

Finally, a politician is catching up to me. I recently watched Senator Ted Cruz corner Fox's Megyn Kelly on her political views, and personal party allegiance. It was awesome.

In case you missed it, Cruz implied Kelly was clearly not a liberal, based on her reporting, and she and other Fox News personalities have indeed voted in presidential primaries in the past.Cruz' claim was that journalists were ideological voters too, regardless of the objectivity they feign in their lofty media role.

Hillary Clinton...Server-Spectaculaire Update

Hillary Clinton's political career is over.

If I were a Vegas bookie, I'd set the Over-Under of her departure from politics (and likely launching a new speaking and writing career) at midnight, New Year's Eve 2015.

This is not right, not left, not anywhere in between as a political opinion. It is a mathematical thing – handicapping a horse race one-year before Post-Time. That's all. I like to handicap things.

If lucky, Hillary will be able to leave politics with her dignity, and "clean" record intact. Perhaps even no criminal charges at all, never mind a half-dozen or more, as it looks now!

Perhaps she hangs on until the calendar reads January 1, 2016? But I doubt it.

I Must Speak Out (Way Loud)...About This Stupid Iran Deal

This is a hoax, a scam, a grave danger to us all – all rolled into one. For my beloved America. For my beloved Canada. For my beloved England.

This is High Treason against my beloved home-countries. Home for me. Hometimes three. Citizen or Subject of All. Sounds like a movie title. 

This nonsense that President Obama tries to sell me with a straight face. (Via the Teleprompter, of course, but a straight face nonetheless).

He tries to tell me that the Iran contract, treaty, whatever – is good for me as an American citizen. Wonderful for me, and my fellow Americans. In so many ways.

Namely none.

Harry Browne For President...or the next best thing for an ailing country

Since 1995, I have loved talking about Harry Browne. The first thing I usually hear is, "Who the heck is Harry Browne?" This gives me an automatic upper hand in the conversation, especially with people who think they are really, really smart. And, as an old, uber-competitive ex-jock, I love getting the upper hand on my opponent.

As a sneak preview of his legacy, I will simply say the more people learn about the late Harry Browne, the more they discover he viewed American citizens as having only one major opponent in life -- The United States government. Not the mushy Dems, or the mean Republicans, or the utopian Sanders socialists. Our enemy, according to this teacher and provocateur of the U.S. Constitution and individual freedom -- is government itself.

Thank You Donald Trump...for letting me come out of the closet

Dear Mr. Trump:

Thank you sir. Thank you for allowing me to come out of the closet.

The closet of Politically Correct muteness, of course – silence by PC gagging.

This has been an awful two decades for regular Working Joes like me – staying quiet in order not to offend anyone. It's weird. It's frustrating. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by political correctness, like there's nothing I can do about it.

And well, what I feel and see is a dramatic socialist direction I feel the country is veering. My great-grandfather would never understand.

My Webmaster Warned Me

My webmaster warned me yesterday morning that I would have daily opportunities to write blog entries since publishing my analysis of Donald Trump's Republican candidacy for President. Trump is such a controversial guy, he's in the news stirring something up every day. Since I penned my very first stab at political writing on July 15th, my Facebook page and private email have been busy. Fun busy, but busy busy.