Greg Meakin's Maslow Awards

What is a Maslow Award?

It is an award I conceived and present to rare individuals who have attained the true pinnacle of success in life. Above and beyond. It honors the recipient, but is designed to send a message of encouragement to younger generations to strive daily in pursuit of one's dreams, goals, and happiness. All Maslow Award winners are shining examples of accomplishing anything one strives for in this free society; a society overflowing with excitement and opportunity.      

Who is Maslow?

Abraham Maslow is a renowned psychologist who developed the human behavioral model, Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs. This model (as depicted by the now famous pyramid graphic) espoused his theory identifying Man's climb of life's survival, comfort, and happiness ladder. What I was personally fascinated with in college seemed to be Maslow's fascination as well: Why do the few continue the climb to achieve the quest for true excellence, and who are they? He labeled this pinnacle of the behavior pyramid as Self-Actualization and Realization. Maslow Award recipients are those few in life (often household names, but also individuals few if any would recognize) who in my opinion and analysis, have reached not only the top, but the top of the top. The best of the best. The Wayne Gretzkys and Secretariats of history, and lesser known heroes then and now.   



What's so special about a Maslow Award?

No award exists like the Maslow Award. Statistically or through accomplishment, they have led their peers in their chosen field (usually by light years). Or in some cases, they have overcome an “impossible” obstacle and still reached the top. The individual has to have lived a life of rugged-individualism rather than victimhood. (An NFL player who takes a knee during our national anthem would not be eligible for a MaslowAward). Another difference is I personally must know, or have met the individual. This, so the award comes from my inside knowledge and actual experience with the award-winner, not just perusing Wikepedia or tallying votes in an online poll. 

Who are the upcoming Maslow Award Winners?

In no particular order, other than Beliveau, who will always remain number one on this author's list.    


Who am I?

I'm just fascinated with excellence, and the mindset of seeking excellence every day. I ain't no Maslow Award candidate, that's for sure, but I've taken a heck of a run at life. Just ask my wife! I am just a regular guy, closing in on sixty, who feels Self-Actualized with life, to cite Maslow's top rung. Although I prefer my term, Hugely Satisfied!

I am a businessman and author, and patterned my life around Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs after researching it in college. I came to realize that when I was only twelve (goodness, 1971!), for some reason I embarked on a dogged quest for personal Self-Actualization. That is, in my words, to not just talk about having a fun life and great success – to actually go out and do it. Work hard and shoot for the stars became part of my DNA, if it wasn't there already. College study of Maslow confirmed and focused my quest, and was a huge motivator over the years.

In four decades of business, publishing, and developing real estate in the U.S. and Canada, my often rocky road of entrepreneurship has landed me on some very cool mountain peaks. I was blessed to have authored two books, played hockey with Wayne Gretzky, worked closely with author Ann Rule, built a $5-million ice arena for my community, done a bunch of radio and TV, and heck, served as President of Athletics for my college back when I was young and had hair! It was a blast. I was also proud to reach the pinnacle of my business career, having served for years as an award-winning finance manager in the auto industry.

Note: Of all the peaks I have enjoyed in life, my favorite was meeting and becoming friends with Jean Beliveau, legendary Montreal Canadien, and my childhood hero.

The list above will grow in time, and I will also be writing Maslow Profiles for posthumous situations, or if I have not met the individual.

If you have a suggestion for future Maslow Awards or Maslow Profiles, please let me know. Your comments and feedback are welcome. Thanks!   --GM

Greg Meakin