Liberal Misbehavior Guarantees a Trump Re-election in 2020 a landslide!

You think Democrats are pissed now? Wait until their hated nemesis, President Trump, is re-elected in a landslide in 2020. The horror! (And if they are doubly pissed then, just wait until the Republican party retains the White House for another four years in 2024, but that's another GregsList!).

Trump re-elected in 2020? That might be too much for an already shell-shocked electorate to take in right now. Indeed, the crazy political pizza is still spinning high in the air -- thanks to a giant toss from now President Donald Trump.

The older I get, the more I discover the days are long, and the years are short. Time will indeed fly through the next four years. And the shrieking hysteria from the left will not stop in flight. I'm getting my earplugs ready, and am considering springing for two bucks for the movie.

No, the Chicken Little Effect that is clucking from today's left will not go silent. Between the mainstream media, and the lost little children roaming our university campuses, it's gonna be a noisy country for the next four years. Maybe we will enjoy the odd quiet week, but likely not. Or maybe just a meaningless day, or silent night? I doubt it. Like it or not, Donald Trump's day consists of 21+ hours of hard work and "deal-making". His 3 a.m. Tweets will continue, and continue providing headline fodder for today's rapacious, self-absorbed media.

As with the 2016 election results, Democrats will not know what hit them as the next four years unfold. Or that they are an underlying – if not the underlying cause of this era of Republican electoral success. We the Silent Majority is already fed-up, and will become more and more sick of their nonsense. The will of the electorate will once again come to light at the ballot box four years from now.

1. Liberals are control freaks
The best way to identify control freaks is to watch their behavior when they lose control. They freak. The irony is control freaks often lose control because...they're control freaks. They don't notice that many people dislike them. They don't realize people don't like to be controlled. They don't comprehend how shrill, panicky, and hateful they sound. This while masquerading as the tolerant and inclusive sweethearts of humanity. Once you finally wrestle control from a control freak, you are more likely to hold a much tighter grip on control. Just watch. With Trump as leader, Republican control and political power will increase, not decrease, in the coming years.

2. Liberals didn't listen in 2016, and they won't any time soon
The only people who were shocked by Donald Trump's election were Never-Trumpers. It was no surprise to me, and I guaranteed a Trump White House in the summer of 2015. The people who didn't listen to his anti-establishment, populist message then, are not listening now. It's that simple. The most surprised folks in 2020, when Trump is re-elected, will be the same crowd.

3. Jobs Jobs Jobs
"It's the economy, Stupid." Those words were correct in the 1990s, and are prophetic now. I believe economy trumps ideology. That is, no matter how "activist" a person is, especially the lefties among us, they still adore money. They love having money, be it from a job, from the state, or other revenue sources. They can be very tight with their own money...while telling us how to spend ours. I have conducted many quiet experiments over the years to prove this point, which I will share in a future GregsList. It'll be something like, Why Liberals are Hypocrites With Their Own Money, or something like that!

4. Trump's presidency will be objectively quantifiable
National debt. Budget and trade deficits. True employment levels. Living wage jobs created. Average household income. The numbers won't lie, regardless of noise from opponents. They might be spun, manipulated, or otherwise dismissed by liberals, but the numbers will be the numbers. For example, if the National Debt stops at President Obama's $20-TRILLION and goodness, even starts to decline, this would represent a quantifiable economic accomplishment, regardless of nay-saying blabber. If the economy creates millions upon millions of new family-wage jobs with benefits, the numbers won't lie, and the spirit of the country as a whole will be lifted. But most important in this discussion is the everyday U.S. Citizen, not the government, not the politicians, or any other taxpayer funded entities! These employees who are hired by the private sector for these great new jobs will feel much better about life, much better about their country, and, if not already, much better about their president. 

5. 1960s style protesting is losing credibility fast, and will go out of fashion
Ask around. People are fed up with the protesters, especially it's current, radical form. The same type of protesters today existed in the 1960s -- but it was new and cool back then. In the 60s, it was in vogue to protest -- Viet Nam, Richard Nixon, the rising price of gas and Birkenstocks, and other American tragedies. Note to protesters: This ain't the 60s. It's 2017 and counting. There will be push-back if you label our military personnel Baby Killers. There will be push-back if you label regular, law-abiding Americans as racist, homophobic, and the rest of the slurs. (I still cannot believe how these awful words are tossed out there like peanut shells by so many people today). You folks no longer monopolize the airwaves, and thanks to social media, your accusations will be defended, and debated vigorously. Tea Partiers, Trump supporters, and other regular folks have been effectively branded as right-wing radicals. They have been defending themselves for years against bias, put-downs, and sometimes outright violence from the self-anointed left and its paid minions. Beware George Soros-compensated agitators and thugs, Black Lives Matters race-baiters, angry radical feminists, and other ear-piercing ideologues. You will wear out your welcome and all credibility this time around. Even PC-happy Starbucks will lose happy PC patience when rioting and looting idiots keep destroying its stores! Want to break up an anti-Trump protest? Stop paying them. Or even more scary, throw in some job applications.

6. Illegal immigration and terrorism will drop dramatically
Kindly refer to GregsList number 4 above. Illegal immigration and terrorism are quantifiable commodities. The incidents either happened or they didn't. The wall will be built, Sanctuary Cities will be defunded, and myriad other security measures will be put in place to keep citizens safe. There will be a noticeable difference, much to the relief of regular, law-abiding people.

7. Crime rates will plunge in major cities
If anyone thinks the Ferguson Effect is not living and breathing beyond Missouri, and has stealthily seeped into cities like Chicago and Detroit, think again. With the tsunami of leftist propaganda accusing police of being racist hunters of innocent blacks, as well as the legal and financial liability that now hovers like a cloud of doom over every confrontation with criminals, police have backed off. Just backed off any close calls. They don't want to be the featured star in the latest viral video on YouTube. I am hearing a lot of this from my cop friends. Under Mayor Emanuel, and President Obama by proxy, the crime rate in Chicago soared to jaw-dropping and tragic record levels in these past years. Under President Trump, order will be restored, and sooner rather than later. It will not be a case of reinventing the law-enforcement wheel. Combating crime -- especially violent crime – in war-torn places like Chicago will indeed be a fulfilled campaign promise. As crazy as it may sound, this Trump administration will simply enforce existing laws. There are laws for everything imaginable in the United States; laws that were put in place over the years by citizen representatives in Washington; laws that include violent crime against its citizens. These laws will be enforced for the simple reason of protecting American citizens from anything other than peaceable enjoyment of their lives under this flag. The people of Chicago deserve peace, as do all citizens of this great country.

It's simple, really. And it'll be great.

So concludes this GregsList for February 2017. This is such a crucial pivot-point in our country's history that I will stay closely engaged in the political debate. If anything, it is entertaining! And I know I'm not alone out here – in my world of eternal optimists, lovers of freedom, and other crazy people.

As ever,

– Greg