Je Suis Hannity

June 2017

“The United States remains the last best hope for
a mankind plagued by tyranny and deprivation.”

                                               – Ronald Reagan

After jumping into the political writing arena a few years ago – a brutal place to spar, for sure -- I have decided to write my June GregsList in support of radio and television broadcaster, Sean Hannity.

I am lifting up an enthusiastic GregsList salute to a man who deserves the respect of all who cherish personal freedom in the United States, and those who are freedom-lovers around the world. And yes, I also invite his droves of detractors to, at minimum, respect him – because even begrudging respect is a classy thing to do, and is permitted in a free society!

And that is what this GregsList is all about -- Freedom. Sean Hannity holds Ronald Reagan as a hero and a Great American, as do I. Even his harshest critics understood Reagan loved his country, and loved his fellow Americans. And that, my friends, is what Sean Hannity is all about.

In no particular order, here are the ten reasons I support Sean Hannity more than ever, and why you should too!

1. Hannity is a devoted husband and father
I was raised by a single mom in Canada, and made the decision early-on to be a good husband, and loving father to my children. This is the way Sean is. He clearly made a conscious decision in his younger years to be a devoted husband and father. And I believe if we can all celebrate diversity, which we should, we can all celebrate tradition as well.

2. Hannity is transparent...and proud of it
Sean Hannity will tell you every day and twice on Sunday (being a proud Catholic!) that he is a Republican, with a feisty Ronald Reagan bent. He shouts to the rooftops his support for President Trump. Hannity pretends not to be Anointed, nor is he obsessed with being the smartest guy in the room, as is the case with so many media people today. I know he would proudly wear a big RED political button if he played Greg's Political Button Game (a past GregsList). You simply can't compare Hannity's honesty and transparency to coy, finger-pointing media members and politicians. I still dream of the day where journalists must wear a political affiliation button while on camera, just to keep everyone honest!

3. Hannity would take a bullet to protect your freedom to criticize him
Hannity drapes the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights around the shoulders of any legal American citizen. To me, this is a welcome patriotic approach that seems to be sorely missing today – especially with the Snowflake Generation blabbing so obnoxiously. Although the bullet reference above is a bit edgy, it addresses Hannity's love for our amazing military, and the precious sacrifices made by our ancestors to protect our freedom. This willingness to pay the ultimate price for one's country is a not an attribute wholly unique to Americans of course, but it is indeed part of the American cultural foundation that Hannity so embraces. He has visited the Mexico border may times in support of our brave border patrols, and he has raised millions for charity during his Freedom Concert tours. He is a Great American.

4. Hannity doesn't waver
When faced with a verifiable Witch Hunt, as Sean has during these past few months, I am personally thrilled hearing him declare he will not waver; he will not surrender to the onslaught of hate that has been slung at him; he will remain on the microphone speaking the truth until his last breath, as the saying goes. It is an admirable quality indeed, especially in this era of political spin and skullduggery, to stand pat in one's beliefs; to not waver. To his credit, Sean has successfully fought off the tsunami of PC witch hunters who have been demanding his firing...and worse. Good for Sean.

5. Hannity doesn't condone violence from either side
Whether from far-right skinheads, to radical-left Antifa or Black Lives Matter thugs, Sean Hannity is a peaceful, loving man who does not condone violence against citizens -- especially in the name of politics or ideology. As is the American way, he also is a huge Second Amendment guy, and believes in self-defense and gallantry.

6. Hannity is self-made
The only silver spoon he had growing up might have been in his grade school cafeteria! Having started as a laborer, to where he is today, Sean Hannity is the living embodiment of the American Dream. Ask him anytime if he worked his butt off when he was just starting out. He was a blue-collar, hard worker, and proud of it. I hear Karl Marx never worked a day in his life. Hannity was a drywaller at one time.

7. Hannity will be the driving force in solving the Seth Rich murder
This issue is close to my heart, as I personally believe Seth Rich was assassinated in order to suppress, or punish, his leaking of DNC secrets to Wikileaks. We'll see how it will turn out, because the story is clearly not going away. There are also a slew of other investigations going on as we speak, not to mention department streamlining audits by incoming directors like Dr. Ben Carson. Sean Hannity, I believe, will eventually be viewed as a man who was a lighthouse, shining truth about the dark forces conspiring to harm the country – especially in the Seth Rich mystery. History will prove he held firm and confident amid the raging waves of fury trying to destroy him, until truth and justice prevailed.

8. Hannity is what is needed for a healthy duel-of-thoughts
Many, if not most people who harshly criticize Fox News, have never actually watched a full show. As with so many Rush Limbaugh critics, especially the loud-mouthed ones, they have never actually listened to a three-hour Rush Limbaugh Show! As with Rush, so many of Hannity's critics – mainly activist liberals – have simply accepted what the mainstream media tells them to think about him. No research is needed for these smart folks. I believe the Sean Hannitys of the world bring dueling thoughts and ideas to the discussion, playing a key role in the healthy process of dissent that was so encouraged by our Founding Fathers.

9. Hannity's friendship with Alan Colmes is an example to all
The late Alan Colmes was Sean's token liberal punching bag, in a fun way. Hannity and Colmes was a feisty, entertaining show, but the personal friendship between them is what I noticed most. No two people could be more polar opposite in almost every way, especially politically, of course. But the love and respect they showed each other off-camera serves as a clear example of how we can have respectful dialogue – unlike rabid partisans who just can't separate themselves from hateful political rhetoric. I once wrote about old hockey guys. We hockey guys could slug it out on the ice, call each other names...then go have a beer together after the game. That was Sean and Alan. And this is how any parties who disagree – no matter how passionate the squabble – should handle themselves. Rest in peace, Alan. You were one of the good guys. I would have loved to banter with you.

10. Je Suis Hannity
In 2015, the Je Suis Charlie proclamation united the civilized world in solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo murders in France. My proclamation here, is Je Suis Hannity. I say this for deeply personal reasons, which I will share in a future essay, but also for more far reaching concerns. With all my heart, I believe the freedom we have in America is indeed the last bastion, as Ronald Reagan warned. I believe Rush was right when he said the Trump voters of 2016 saved the country. Freedom of speech, and dissenting ideas from all sides, is the hallmark of America. Without the Sean Hannitys (and bloggers like Greg Meakin!) of our country, I believe the United States will lose its core, it's heart, it's raison d'etre. I pray this 1776 historical experiment will not be surrendered passively to the rapacious euro-globalism that is assaulting our country, our culture, and our very purpose.

Je Suis Hannity. Je Suis Freedom.

Greg Meakin is a businessman and writer who grew up in Montreal, and has lived in the Seattle area since 1983. A U.S. born dual-citizen, he describes himself as a converted Canadian Socialist, now American Libertarian.