Born in Portsmouth NH, Greg Meakin, who just turned 60 on January 3rd, was raised in Montreal and has lived in the Seattle area since 1983. A dual-citizen, Meakin married his wife Deborah in 1987 and has raised three sons – Tanner, 38, and twins Carson and Colton, 29. He is a family man, published author, car guy, real estate developer, and fanatical sports junkie. His newest pet projects are an upcoming online magazine, Secrets from the Inside. and building a new ice arena in Castle Rock, Washington.  

Life stops for Meakin when discussing his Montreal Canadiens or Seattle Seahawks.

Through his forty-year, award-winning business career Greg Meakin spent the bulk of his time in the auto industry, starting as a car jockey in the 1970s with Budget Rent-A-Car in Montreal, then climbing the corporate ladder at the dealership level in the early 80s. Although a Finance Manager by specialty, over the years he has worked key stints as Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, and Internet Sales Director. He has owned a number of his own companies, and has been sought out by business owners to share his automotive industry knowledge, business management expertise, and cutting-edge vision.

A literary agent once described him as “The Nostradamus of the car business.”

Although he has hands-on experience with most automobile brands over the years, including the RV world, he credits his years with Saturn, Honda and Toyota as having influenced his philosophy and approach towards his automotive career, his other business interests, and his personal life.

In addition to the car business and real estate, Meakin loves anything in life that is fun or exciting. He has literally played hockey with Wayne Gretzky, contributed to an Ann Rule crime book, been courted by CEOs, and received accolades from business leaders and politicians – including Gary Locke, former Governor of Washington State, Commerce Secretary, and most recently, U.S. Ambassador to China.

He has owned $10-million of real estate in his lifetime, and has finalized some 25,000 auto transactions. In 1991 and 1992 he published two auto industry books, Secrets from the Inside and The Insider Access Workbook respectively. 

In 2004 Meakin was published in RINK Magazine, an ice industry trade journal. Rink of Dreams...and other small town nightmares discussed the building and opening of his then $5-million community ice arena from scratch in Bremerton, Washington. Originally launched under the name Bremerton Ice Arena, the beautiful facility continues to serve thousands of skaters and hockey players under the name Bremerton Ice Center.

In addition to his day job, he is currently involved with a few real estate projects, including development of 118-acres of commercial property on Interstate 5 in Castle Rock, Washington. On May 16, 2015 Greg Meakin released the name of this project: Rink of Castle Rock.

He is releasing more info about this newest project February 14th, as well as other business verticals in the works for 2018.

He dabbled in political writing three years ago, when he accurately guaranteed a Donald Trump White House, as well as the downfall of Hillary Clinton. The Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Will Be President was published July 15, 2015, and began the election analysis of Greg Guarantees.

He is also working on two manuscripts, including Why I Came To America...and what I think now. and Secrets from the Inside...2020