Election 2016

Hillary Clinton...Server-Spectaculaire Update

Hillary Clinton's political career is over.

If I were a Vegas bookie, I'd set the Over-Under of her departure from politics (and likely launching a new speaking and writing career) at midnight, New Year's Eve 2015.

This is not right, not left, not anywhere in between as a political opinion. It is a mathematical thing – handicapping a horse race one-year before Post-Time. That's all. I like to handicap things.

If lucky, Hillary will be able to leave politics with her dignity, and "clean" record intact. Perhaps even no criminal charges at all, never mind a half-dozen or more, as it looks now!

Perhaps she hangs on until the calendar reads January 1, 2016? But I doubt it.

My Webmaster Warned Me

My webmaster warned me yesterday morning that I would have daily opportunities to write blog entries since publishing my analysis of Donald Trump's Republican candidacy for President. Trump is such a controversial guy, he's in the news stirring something up every day. Since I penned my very first stab at political writing on July 15th, my Facebook page and private email have been busy. Fun busy, but busy busy.