Hillary Clinton...Server-Spectaculaire Update

Hillary Clinton's political career is over.

If I were a Vegas bookie, I'd set the Over-Under of her departure from politics (and likely launching a new speaking and writing career) at midnight, New Year's Eve 2015.

This is not right, not left, not anywhere in between as a political opinion. It is a mathematical thing – handicapping a horse race one-year before Post-Time. That's all. I like to handicap things.

If lucky, Hillary will be able to leave politics with her dignity, and "clean" record intact. Perhaps even no criminal charges at all, never mind a half-dozen or more, as it looks now!

Perhaps she hangs on until the calendar reads January 1, 2016? But I doubt it.

I personally don't believe she will be the eventual Democratic Presidential Nominee, or even remain the Democratic frontrunner as she is now.

I think it will even be earlier, maybe as soon as October, and her likely Golden Parachute will be an opportunity to resign and "cooperate with future investigations." Something like that. The Dems are already in panic, don't you kid yourself.

Either way, that's where I would stick my money, if I was a gambling man, which I am.

I would whisper secretly to betting buddies that this is a bad horse to have backed, this Hillary character. Especially so early. Sorry Hillary cheerleaders, but make way for...Biden? I just can't say it ain't so.

You had your heir, now who's your spare?