My Webmaster Warned Me

My webmaster warned me yesterday morning that I would have daily opportunities to write blog entries since publishing my analysis of Donald Trump's Republican candidacy for President. Trump is such a controversial guy, he's in the news stirring something up every day. Since I penned my very first stab at political writing on July 15th, my Facebook page and private email have been busy. Fun busy, but busy busy.

My webmaster -- Wendy Tepley of Raleigh, NC -- is the most gifted website designer I know. I want to thank Wendy publicly for racing 11th hour to launch my new website. As always, I have been a pain to deal with during this self-imposed deadline. I had not planned to launch a website -- or write more than a line or two in defense of my first GregsList, but the reaction has motivated me to write more. Some supporters have demanded I write more!

So, there are a bunch of new GregsLists in the works, but I am, like, way backlogged! I have asked Wendy to post upcoming GregsList previews on my site, as well as other published works that are in the past, or in the works. (Feel free to send me an email over my site if there is a particular one you'd like to see sooner rather than later).

Because of the dynamic trends of politics, I raced to date-stamp my first GregsList about Trump. It was released July 15th – before the Mexican border flap, before the McCain flap, before the Lindsey Graham flap, and before Trump began the national momentum he appears to gaining now.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all who have emailed me via my website with kudos for my analysis. To Lary Coppola, a former publisher of the Kitsap Business Journal in the Seattle area and someone I've known since 1986, I extend humble thanks for his editorial assistance. Lary is a much more experienced writer than I, and he had great editorial advice as I worked through the piece.

I would hope this and future GregsLists will provide information or viewpoints for every American to read and consider before voting. Since July 15th, I have heard from old friends up in Canada and around the world, old reporter buddies, and many, many new voices. It's been a blast.

For the record, I cannot stand politics. Especially politics as usual. I much prefer writing about sports, especially hockey and football. But as I said while introducing my Trump Op Ed, something is moving me deeply this time around. I feel compelled to speak my mind; politely, directly, or whichever way readers wants to banter -- or scrap!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a hockey guy. What I love about hockey guys is you can have a donnybrook -- a good old-fashioned hockey fight -- then go have a beer together after the game. In American sports, we call it keeping the game between-the-lines. When the game is over, we should be able to shake hands and go away friends.

Or better yet, go have a beer together.