Thank You Donald Trump...for letting me come out of the closet

Dear Mr. Trump:

Thank you sir. Thank you for allowing me to come out of the closet.

The closet of Politically Correct muteness, of course – silence by PC gagging.

This has been an awful two decades for regular Working Joes like me – staying quiet in order not to offend anyone. It's weird. It's frustrating. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by political correctness, like there's nothing I can do about it.

And well, what I feel and see is a dramatic socialist direction I feel the country is veering. My great-grandfather would never understand.

Let me start at the beginning of modern-day Political Correctness. The beginning was the 1960s, especially within what author Thomas Sowell describes as The Campus Elite. The Campus Elite were a group of intellectuals who brought Marxism to the campuses of the American communities. One of Sowell's incredible and enlightening books, is Vision of the Annointed.

The Annointed being self-proclaimed liberal visionaries, blabbing their Marxist mantra throughout the 60s. Think Coca-Cola commercial with happy teens singing a happy Christmas song. Utopia! Think Traitor Jane Fonda. Think Timothy Leary. Think spitting on American troops. A class act, these Marxists. Those Black Panthers and White Supremacists? Nice guys. Can we proceed to the 70s please?

Like all liberal concepts – nice, happy thoughts and government programs through the 60s and 70s, are in the end, just Saul Alinsky Marxist strategies and propaganda. Even today, of course. We hear it every day; propaganda.

I apologize, but I am a middle-aged white man. Baby Boomer and actually born in the U.S. Surprisingly, I possess a valid birth certificate, and proper Voter ID, too!. Odd these days.

As a white male, I am responsible for all things bad in the country, in the world, in the universe, and further even. Like, really far.

I am labeled a racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe, and everything-else-ophobe.

All I have done is paid big, big taxes over four decades, not to mentioned sales taxed to death, and robbed of fees, and endless insurance, and other costs over the years. And just kept working a lot of hours every week. A lot! Just ask my wife and grown kids.

All I have done is supported my family, raised my kids, paid my taxes, helped protect and improve my community, and other terrible deeds.

Thanks to you, Donald Trump, who like me, is as white as white can be. Irish white. Burn and peel, burn and peel at the beach white. Pale white, Christian, middle-aged, English speaking, capitalist, patriot, and complete and utter loud-mouth.

You, like me, are a big loud mouth about your views, and your opinions – you unleash your free speech at will. And your supporters love it! I love it.

Forget upsetting the apple-cart. The Donald is causing more stacks to blow than a 1970s Richard Nixon industrial pollution documentary. That's a lot of smoke.

It's fun to watch. And I now believe I can say anything I feel. Publicly, like on Facebook, or in a news article. I can be truthful, and non-politically correct, and honest.

Yes, yes I can.

Thanks to you, Donald Trump, for letting me be myself, and speak my mind. To the rooftops.

Until a liberal doesn't agree with your speech!

Congratulations, and Godspeed, Mr. Trump.


Greg Meakin