I Must Speak Out (Way Loud)...About This Stupid Iran Deal

This is a hoax, a scam, a grave danger to us all – all rolled into one. For my beloved America. For my beloved Canada. For my beloved England.

This is High Treason against my beloved home-countries. Home for me. Hometimes three. Citizen or Subject of All. Sounds like a movie title. 

This nonsense that President Obama tries to sell me with a straight face. (Via the Teleprompter, of course, but a straight face nonetheless).

He tries to tell me that the Iran contract, treaty, whatever – is good for me as an American citizen. Wonderful for me, and my fellow Americans. In so many ways.

Namely none.

Step One -- Give away $150-Billion to Iran? Hello?

Step Two -- Trust them completely, and give them a month heads-up for any inspections.

You're kidding, right?

Then don't even negotiate the freedom of four American citizens being held prisoner by Iran?

Nice job, Mr. President. Nice job. Thanks...Not. In the private sector, you would be fired for lack of results doing your job. Nice guy, but a very messed up, racially divided, personally divisive. A country of 2015 you have created sir.

Thank you very much. Not.

Ten minutes, guys, as Donald Trump has already said. It would take ten minutes to get those poor prisoners released. Americans. (And I am so sad to say, that in my opinion, if the four hostages were black or gay, President Obama, and all the other race-baiters in the public eye today would be on top of it, moment-by-race-baiting moment. 

Where's Al Sharpton? And wouldn't Sharpton's $5-Mil in tax owed actually PAY for the benefit of urban blacks? Health, housing, well-being, Reverend Sharpton? 


The hostages? ... Just ASK, President Obama!  Ask them!  Ask, and the Ayotollah-Hoo-Ha-Whatever guy would release our four citizens, pronto.

Maybe even tell him – as Ronnie would have done, if they aren't polite and choose not to participate in the deal. 

In ten minutes. Obama could do it even now...if he were a Leader, with a capital l. 

Here's the deal -- it could be texted! ---

If you don't thank us for the $150 Bill', Mr. Iran Whoever-Guy, by releasing our four guys to their families....The United States will bomb the shit out of you”. And I mean, bomb the living shit out of you..!!!"    ...Please man, Thx.  Barack. 

– George Patton 101, people! GP 101!

NOW, as Ronald Reagan would say. Or Maggie Thatcher, God love her. NOW.

Thatcher, with Reagan's blessing, would say NOW, Ayatollah, or whatever. Now, or the Brits will kick your ass. With that cool English accent of hers. Love her. Miss her. The Iron Lady.

(See what she did to the Argentinian misbehaved boys at the Faulklands?)

The Iranians don't want these American hostages, especially when they gotstt 150-LARGE coming there way – a blank check from the Good Ol' US of A! 

Once again. Stupid deal.150-billion dollars. Wow. That is a lot of U.S. Funds currency. Wow.   

(How much, by the way, does that cash sent to those buddy-boys in Iran, compare to say, my old Canadian chums' entire economy, money-wise?).

Another feisty conversation around the Castle Rock campfire, perhaps. 

This Iran deal -- what an embarrassingly terrible, and grossly dangerous deal for me, for my wife, for my kids, and for my fellow American Citizens. Bad deal, and irreparable if signed by Obama. Irreparable in so many ways.

May we all do something to stop it. Somehow.

I will. I'm In.

A terrible deal.

Nuclear, no less.