November 9 at 12:07 PM


November 9 at 12:07 PM ·

Wow. First Facebook post in three days. Nice to be at a keyboard again.

I rarely talk about personal health issues on Facebook, but I will make an exception here. Last night I was released from the hospital in Longview, WA after arriving there by ambulance the day before. It's a long story (emotional and spiritual) of which I will be writing my next eMagazine article.

Not a soul knew about my two days in the ER and Cardiac Care units of PeaceHealth, not even my family -- thanks to my amazing wife, my confidante Soul Mate, Deborah Meakin. Thanks, Honey.

I asked (and kinda demanded) to be released the first day, but that doctor guy wouldn't let me until he was 100% sure I hadn't experienced a heart attack. Those rascally doctors!!!!!

At one of the most difficult times in my life, these past few weeks, I now have experienced a spiritual renewal, a physical refresher, and a much-needed slap in the face from a score of health care professionals -- including a number of EMT angels, and doctors and nurses of all shapes, sizes and colors.

In the next few days, I will catch up on my past-due writing, past-due bills, past-due conversations, current business proposals to investors, and yes, a bunch of silly election squabbling. But I won't be in a rush, or stress about it.

Because for today, I am one happy dude, without a care in the world. I have the greatest wife in the history of mankind, I have new buddies named Stacy and Jake who are First Responder EMTs. I have a score of new Angel friends who work at PeaceHealth Hospital. I told every last one of them to give themselves a big pat on the back every day...

...If anyone thinks Amercan healthcare is not awesome (the CARE part, not necessarily the money part!) just call 911 anytime, health insurance or not. And just watch how many people come right away to help you. Amazing.

All I can say today, is thank you to all involved, and thank God for His incredible blessings. If anyone doesn't believe God is with you every moment of every day, just have 'em talk to me!

And just FYI, my new cell number is (360) 270-3376. I finally dumped my old flip phone, and have a new phone number for the first time in like, two decades! Call or text anytime to catch up, or to give me your contact info to stay in touch.

As importantly, I urge everyone to put your BUCKET LIST in your To-Do List TODAY bucket.

Because you never know when there won't even be a bucket anymore.

Hugs to all out there.