Trump Deniers

by Greg Meakin

December 21, 2017

Today, to be labelled a Climate Change Denier, or a Birth Certificate Denier, is really bad. It's right up there with other disses like Nazi, Racist, Hater of Puppies, and the rest. This coming from the self-anointed liberals who believe they make the rules about what we should all say, and collectively think. The only thing I see in common with those labelling anyone Deniers, is they are activist progressives.    

So, to upset the apple cart once again, I'm officially labelling a new Denier –

The Trump Denier.

I feel a relief just saying it. For almost three years, I have tried to figure out the level of hate towards one human being – in this case, starting with an escalator ride. Before the elevator even landed, it was the end of an era for me. The era analyzing the life and business career of one of the smartest, and craziest dudes I've ever written about. As a business wonk, I followed Donald Trump, and many other lesser known innovators, since the mid-'80s.

He was a private citizen, but I knew that once he won the White House, becoming a public servant, everything would change for him. You can schwing as a Tycoon and Jet-Setter all you want in the private sector, but under the rules and microscope of civil service, one is quite handcuffed and exposed, especially from a public and personal behaviour standpoint.   

I handicapped the race, and guaranteed a Trump White House in the summer of 2015. I made sure to pen a date-stamped prediction with my first GregsList, The Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Will Be President.   

But even I could not have predicted the endless, rabid fallout of the past year. Just switch on your TV for a minute. You will see the Trump-Deniers barking around the clock. And I'm talking deep personal hate from the left – and from most of the gauche media. The viscous tactics of true undermining against a duly-elected, sitting president is like nothing I've seen in my six decades on this earth – especially with how much made-up stuff can now get national airtime.

Yes, everything changed November 8, 2016. Half the voters celebrated a Yuge victory. But a bunch of the other half went absolutely nuts, and continue to this day. 
I wish the Trump Deniers would have just seen a psychiatrist right off the bat. By dealing with their denial, anger management, fear of orange hair, and other scary things, maybe we could all have avoided much of the insane fallout, not to mention this new journalistic era of...teary-eyed Democrat newscasters? Is there a psychiatrist in the house?

And where is Edward R. Murrow when you need him?  

The cry-baby excuses and daily whining is pathetic. What an example to young people of how to deal with adversity – point fingers, play the blame game, and ignore personal responsibility. I'm talking the Russian Collusion crowd, the Impeachment Inquisition, and yes, most of the Hollywood political geniuses who actually believe we want their opinion about anything.   

Truth be told, the people who lectured us, right up to the last minute, that Hillary Clinton would be the next president, simply got caught with their pants down this time. All this craziness wasn't supposed to see the light of day – especially the corrupt and completely illegal (if not treasonous) shenanigans from the left, which will be brightly illuminated in the months to come. 

And forget good old-fashioned Cloak-and-Dagger. That is lightweight compared to the truly evil skulduggery that has been hiding behind the American political storefront for years. In 2018, I believe the kimono of predatory espionage, and toxic corruption in the bowels of our government, will open wide for all to see.

With Hillary as president, the country was supposed to be a happy, school yard game of Liberal Utopia. But Donald Trump just refused to play ball with the establishment kids, on both sides, and has caused deep panic in the Deep State.  

As a comedian would say, Trump would deport Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, for lack of proper ID!     

Few ever dreamed (even in their worst nightmare) that Donald Trump could actually become President of the United States. The Deniers started shrieking from the get-to, past election night, and still wail to this day.  

Hillary was in, and Bernie was long gone (hmm). It was a shoe-in. And if you actually believed Trump would win, you were not only wrong – you were stupid. 

Being pissed off is normal behaviour when losing a hard-fought battle. From playing racquetball or checkers, to brawling through a presidential campaign, the winner is always giddy. The loser, not so much. The level of poor sportsmanship in any fight, and subsequent behaviour thereof, can vary drastically from human to human, of course.

And this is at the heart of this essay:  Trump Deniers – please don't be sore, classless election losers. Especially when you just had your butt kicked. Please?

The astonishing thing to me has been the noise of foot-stomping political misbehaviour – with the sole intention of taking down a president. Demanding his resignation. Declaring non-existent Impeachment crimes. Freaking about a mean Tweet.

The transparency of their personal venom towards Donald Trump is clear as day. If cornered, these folks would not be happy if their complaint-du-jour was actually resolved, or their hated nemesis is proven innocent of their made-up crimes. 

I can hear it now...”Yeah, well, he's guilty of a bunch more bad stuff, so he should go down. I hate him, and don't accept him as president. He needs to!”

In other words, a Trump Denier. Nothing more, nothing less. 

But as I remind my liberal buddies, they will have their chance in 2020. Our country's founders knew there would be presidents that needed to be kicked out. A built-in protection from this dilemma – Term Limits – is a pseudo leadership insurance policy protecting all American citizens.

With a priceless face value of Freedom from Tyranny.  

To Trump Deniers, or anyone who just wants a different president, you can start fixing things today. Identify an electable candidate for 2020, promote great new ideas, a positive message that resonates with the voters, and go win back the White House. It's allowed. 

To my dismay, the dangerous game of denying the country's rule of law, and the gift that is our U.S. election process, is subversive. Yes, subversive. Are you listening, Morning Joe and your blabby sidekick?

I will not become shrill and even whisper a word like treason, even though it is an effective, and very brandable word. I am keeping that one handy for the Hillary Clinton investigation in 2018.

If in doubt, take the TDS test below. And no cheating.



1. Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton.

2. If the RCC (Russian Collusion Conspiracy!) is unveiled as the hoax it is, Obstruction of Justice is fine. Whatever crime'll do, as long as it makes the orange man go away.  
3. The Popular Vote in the U.S. should win, and we should kiss the Electoral College goodbye. Hillary won 3-million more votes, so that should have been good enough to give her the presidency.  
4. Today's U.S. economy is thanks to Barack Obama.

5. The economy's performance under President Trump is nothing special. I don't understand, or simply choose to look the other way from stock market records, GDP growth, jobs creation, and others clinical indicators of a thriving, improving country. How many Diet-Cokes the guy drinks a day is more important. 

6. The president has committed an Impeachable offense – no question.

7. I will never admit being wrong about my Trump theories, even though I've been 100% wrong about everything, starting with the election itself.  

You are a certified Trump Denier if you believe even ONE of the seven above.

Not to sound like my late mum in Montreal here, but it's okay to raise your hand, and say you're wrong about something. I do it all the time, especially to my wife. It's known as My Bad, and exemplifies taking personal responsibility for a miscue of some sort.

For some deep-seeded reason, Trump Deniers refuse to take responsibility for an awful candidate, and an ugly election loss. They will not accept that Trump is duly elected, and will occupy the Oval Office for another three years. At least another three.

There are two factual-based exceptions whereby Donald Trump would no longer be serving as president when 2020 rolls around. If he commits a proven impeachable offence and is removed from office by the strict, constitutional judicial process. Or another possibility I don't even want to bring up here.  

But make one thing clear – this man will not quit. Not even if you want him to. He will not resign, under any circumstances. Just ask Melania if her hubby would ever quit, and let me know what she says.   

To actually believe Donald Trump would resign his position as President of the United States is to label yourself as, well, a Trump Denier.      

And I always like to toss a wrench of logic into my Democrat friends' minds, by posing three simple questions:

1. Who is your winning Democrat Candidate for 2020? – and Hate Donald Trump is not a candidate.

2. What are your winning policy ideas? – and Hate Donald Trump is not a policy.

3. What is your winning message? – and Hate Donald Trump is not a message. American presidents are historically elected with a positive and optimistic message. Just ask Hillary Clinton how well a campaign of hate worked out for her. 
And as loud as Trump Deniers can scream about their delusional mission to undo a certified election, I love to ask the three quiet questions above. And what have I heard back from them?

Crickets. Really quiet crickets, too.

If anyone out there is having a hard time getting over the 2016 election, please take to heart what I say next. Even if you disagree with every word in this purposely provocative essay, please remember this:

Donald Trump is going to be re-elected in 2020. That is, if Democrats don't move on from their personal hate and venom, and show the American people a better way. A better candidate, better policy ideas, a better message – a way to win.

Because when it comes to really big games, and presidential election slug-fests, they are winner take all. If you're not a winner, you're a loser.

And yes, as I once heard a comedian say, Donald Trump's board game of life would be titled... 

It's not whether you win or lose. It's whether you win.

Copyright © 2017 by Greg Meakin


Greg Meakin is a Seattle businessman who grew up in Montreal. Visit his website,, and feel free to email him at