Mother's Day and Creamed Corn

On special occasions I often become reflective and sentimental. Mother's Day is one of those days. I believe moms work the most important job known to mankind, and all other employment is secondary -- for either spouse.

Deborah Meakin

We all have endearing stories about our moms or the moms of our children. Of the treasure trove of stories I have locked away for safe keeping, one pops up whenever I consider how "spread thin" a new mom or busy mom can be. And it involves creamed corn.

After my twin boys were born, the first day back from the hospital was one of those days. Our family had grown from three to five overnight; my brave wife having given birth to TWO healthy happy babies. The first day home with those new babies was, I will simply say, an "adjustment!'

Copy of Twins 1989.jpg

Amid the domestic chaos which comprised the first hours home, my wife realized we hadn't eaten a meal that day. Although I have never been a "Make me dinner now!" kind of husband and was very involved with the babies from minute one, my wife took it upon herself to feed me.

Like it was only yesterday, I remember my exhausted wife -- carrying one of the twins around the house while the other slept -- serving me a Tupperware bowl of creamed corn. I'm talking the BIG Tupperware bowl you'd use to bake a cake.

And I'm also talking creamed corn, and only creamed corn. I'm guessing there was, oh, a couple of quarts of creamed corn filling that Tupperware bowl!

Coming from my wife, who is an incredible cook, this bowl of creamed corn was as memorable a meal as I've ever enjoyed. I giggled to myself as I started eating and we both had a good laugh about it. If I remember correctly, I only managed to get through half of the bowl. After a quart or more of creamed corn, you kind of realize you've had plenty.

I tell this story often, as I have here, as I can think of no better example of a mother's concern for her kids and husband, regardless of the level of exhaustion she feels. It's a sort of honorable devotion -- a motherly gallantry, if you will -- that I believe no man can truly match.

And I now know what I'd like on the menu for our 50th wedding anniversary many years from now. I will get picky, though, and ask for salt on my creamed corn. To all of the gallant mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day.

Copyright© 2005 by Greg Meakin