Bill Cosby Sparked This Firestorm

            by Greg Meakin

            by Greg Meakin

After watching the Bill Clinton Sexcapades back in the whoring '90s, I became a bit jaded. Not unaware or unconcerned, just deeply saddened, and frustrated. Especially for the victims, beginning with Juanita Broaddrick, who never received an ounce of respect, never mind justice.        

But in 2014, the curtain rose on a fresh American Tragedy, and the drama unfolded before our eyes. My jaw dropped from the first act of the new Bill Cosby Show Sans Laughs – and without the comedy albums and cool sweaters. I loved the man, but this changed everything in my eyes.

I now see Bill Cosby as an evil Bell-Hop, strolling us through the lobby of a new era. A gross place – the Violate Women At-Will HOTEL.

" Evil Bell-Hop " by Carson Meakin

"Evil Bell-Hop" by Carson Meakin

And as the Harvey Weinstein debacle unveils, there has long been a revolving door, right out front, for a slew of politicians, Hollywood types, and other dirt bags.   

Cosby's putrid behaviour shocked the world, and tossed dirty dishwater on anything left that might still be considered sacred – even by today's murky standards. The safety of our women and children is Job-One in a civilized society. Looking out for our fellow human beings is posted on our collective daily To-Do List as a culture.

And don't let any cynic, or Antifa goofball tell you differently – we're a good people.

But to me, Bill Cosby shattered any remaining myths of priceless and fragile virtue. And sadly, his filth was only a spark of a match, igniting the wicked firestorm of claims against famous, in some cases Lionized people.  

This alarming era of harassment and assault cases, only now seeing the light of day, deeply troubles me. It seems like every morning we wake up to a new shock, and another predator domino falls.   

If I had a magic wand, I would wish the five items below be embraced as part of any Due Process in all cases that arise – for governments, the private sector, and any group where sexual indiscretions can occur. 

1.  The truth needs to come out – the candid truth about what happened.

2.  All accused, without exception, are innocent until proven guilty.

3.  All accusers are treated with equal respect.  

4.  The guilty party must suffer consequences, and the victor should benefit from any fruits of justice, including financial compensation.

5.  And yes – those caught falsely accusing also pay a just price, including compensation for the accused. 

Those guilty should be treated equally, from a punishment standpoint. Regular folks are sick of the rich and powerful literally getting away with murder. Anyone remember OJ? Or even worse...Hillary. 

The Tipping Point of enlightenment for me was 1996. As General Sales Manager of a Saturn dealership, I attended corporate training that focused on sexual harassment and hostile work environment issues. Post-Anita Hill, according to the course facilitator, the average harassment settlement in the U.S. exceeded $300,000.

My eyes were opened.
The now defunct Saturn Corporation took a proactive approach to this behavioural crisis, and openly committed to provide all employees with a safe and respectful workplace. Before it was in-vogue, Saturn chose to take the issue from behind the curtain, put it squarely at center-stage, and be a leader in its industry.  

My message here is to follow Saturn's example, and the example of all earnest leaders and genuine role models today. Let's work together, for a change.

Let's build a renewed culture of true equality, and unwavering mutual respect.

And yes. We can do it.

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