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I am delighted to announce my Maslow Award winner for May 2018....Lars Larson.

A Maslow Award winner is an over-achiever who has reached the top of one's field, and other lofty attributes. Previous winners include Ann Rule, Wayne Gretzky, Rush Limbaugh, and others.

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When I shared the name Lars Larson with a Canadian friend, my friend thought he was a cartoon character. When I mentioned this story to Lars, he promptly emailed me this:

Photo credit Lars Larson

Photo credit Lars Larson

Much to my surprise, very few people outside the region are familiar with Larson – a radio host I describe as the Rush Limbaugh of the Pacific Northwest.

I've decided this will be a two part series. Word counts get in the way of deep analysis, and some subjects are just more interesting than that.

And the Secret Members of my eMagazine ( who have already seen a preview, have been looking forward to Part Two. They want to know more about Lars.  

As Ann Rule said of me years ago, “Greg Meakin is one of the best writers I've known”, Lars Larson is one of the best radio guys I've ever listened to. And that is saying a lot.

I encourage people of all political persuasions – and especially my dear friends in Canada, who comprise half of my readership – to tune in to his daily radio show.   

If anything, Lars Larson always delivers a pure message of  Made in America, as he wraps himself in the U.S. Constitution.

On a very hot mic.

Greg Meakin



Made in America”
By Greg Meakin

Part One

Conservative radio host Lars Larson stands hovering over a laptop, headset on. He doesn't sit for a moment. Taking an on-air call from one of his listeners, he delivers conversation with passion, while continuously scanning his show's inbound emails. He replies to an email or two, while chatting with the listener about politics. Not a wasted moment for this workaholic 59 year old.

Based in Portland Oregon, Larson is hosting a remote radio show at an outdoor equipment and tractor dealer in Longview, Washington. He looks calm, focused, and right at home. He is set up in the showroom of the business, and a score of people watch him, listen to him, and line up for a photo with him.

During commercial breaks, he keeps working. Posing for photos with fans, scooting back to the laptop to check emails, obliging autograph seekers, and answering small-talk questions from bystanders. 

Having listened to his show for years, it is my first time meeting Lars personally. I am taken aback the minute I arrive. This is no ordinary radio guy. Not even close.

What radio guy wears a gun on his hip? The laid back plaid shirt and jeans, the easy demeanor on air, and a good ol' pistol on his belt. He looks like he'd be comfortable in an old episode of Bonanza.

Photo credit Lars Larson

Photo credit Lars Larson

But he ain't Ben Cartwright. Lars Larson's Ponderosa is his radio world, his listeners are his wranglers. As I watch him work, one clear thought comes to mind: This guy is American. Completely and utterly American.

When asked if he was enjoying his visit to the vastly Republican Longview Washington, Larson pauses for a moment, and a slight smile creeps into the conversation. “It's nice being away from the Lib world of Portland” he quips.

Larson has his code words that give away his political leanings. Lib is liberal, or course. The Daily Fish Wrapper is the Oregonian, an historically left-leaning Portland newspaper. Chicken Noodle News is his lofty journalistic description of CNN.

But what differentiates this “right wing” radio guy from most is his open door to detractors and naysayers. Naysayers always go to the head of the line is a Larson trademark, welcoming spirited on-air debate. His First Amendment Fridays formalize his commitment to hear all points of view, especially naysayers.

He is much more patient with shrill lefty callers than I could ever be, and I have told him so in the many emails I have shared with him over the years.

In Larson's world, the First Amendment is a priceless treasure unique to the United States of America, and he would take a bullet to protect our personal freedom.

And he wears Second Amendment on his hip!

Photo credit Lars Larson

Photo credit Lars Larson

Lars Larson is a Maslow Award winner because he has reached the mountain top of radio. He has an amazing, role model work ethic, he has reached the pinnacle of his profession, and he loves his family. He hosts his three-hour regional show daily, followed immediately by his national show of the same length. His website is 

Having been born a Navy Brat in Taiwan, Larson's family eventually settled in tiny Tillamook, Oregon. After four-plus decades of radio and television, he has been presented some 70 industry awards, including two Emmys.

So what drives this dude?

… more to come in Part Two

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